Ways to Use Pistons in Minecraft

This guide will provide you with ten ways to use Pistons. It will start with something really simple to show you how basic this guide will be.

Table of Contents

    Floor Patterns

    Pistons are excellent for making patterns, and you can use them anywhere. It is a zig-zag pattern that looks interesting. There are lots of patterns to experiment with.

    Railway Traps

    The railway trip is so simple and cartoonish. You can put whatever evil things you want in the hole beneath the victim. You will need a little more speed when reaching the trap. 


    It is the common use for piston.

    Secret Messges

    You will enjoy adding secret messages all around the world. These are either for yourself or for others to find and see. You can use the slab system to power however many pistons behind a wall you want. You can use it for a puzzle map if that’s something you want to create.


    A really common use for pistons is doors. It is a 2.2 design, which gives you a lot of possibilities if you want to make a cool door.

    Annoying Trap

    The best thing about them is how frustrating they are once you’re trapped. It looks like you’re able to get out, but whenever you try, you will be blocked. It works well on mobs with a similar hitbox.

    Enchantment Room

    You might consider making a more advanced enchantment room if you enchant a lot. As you probably know, the level of enchantment you get depends on how many nearby bookshelves there are. Let’s make a room where you can vary the number of bookshelves nearby. It is, of course, done with pistons. It’s pretty much done; you just need to cover it up. As you can see, you can now vary the number of bookshelves powering the enchantment table.

    Secret Passage

    Another use is secret passages. This button is so hard to spot, you can use it to open a hidden passage. Making a bookshelf turnaround would be complicated. It also needs a hidden room and a way to get out. 

    Automatic Farms

    You can, of course, hide all your goods inside the room; Automatic farms are an entire field of science in Minecraft. You can farm monster loot, sugar cane crops, and other resources using pistons. This farm is going to be a semiautomatic one, which means you have to do some work when harvesting. However, using hoppers and Redstone magic you can make them fully automatic. If you want to harvest crops, you can use pistons to let the water spread on your farmland. 


    You can make a lot of interior details using a piston, but here is the shower design. Adding a towel and bathroom stuff makes it fit in perfectly.

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