Weakest To Strongest Swords In King Legacy

In this guide, you will get to know about swords (weakest to strongest) in King Legacy.


On the 13th spot we have a light sword, light sword comes with light devil fruit. It has the least sword damage in the game and has no skills (only DF skills). Light sword has 1251 hit damage (WITH HAKI).

On the 12th spot we have a katana sword, its cost is 5,000 beli. It is the cheapest sword in the game and it’s in the start of the game on spawn/logue town.

The damage of katana is, hit -1751, Z skill – 2775, X skill – 3275.


On the 11th spot we have a shark sword, the seller of it is located on arlong park/shark island, its cost is 25,000 beli. The shark sword attacks are close range and all are ground attacks damage of shark sword is HIT – 2001, Z skill -2990, X skill – 3275.

On the tenth spot, we have a tadashi blade drop which means you can not buy it. It drops from Tadashi boss on spawn island.

Tadashi sword attacks are also close range attacks. The damage of the tadashi sword is, HIT- 2001, Z SKILL – 3275, X SKILL – 4025.

On the next spot we have a pole known as a lightning pole. It is a drop that drops from thunder god on skypiea, there is 20% chance to drop. Lightning pole attacks are mid to long range, so it is good for pvp and grinding. Damage of pole, hit 2751, Z skill 3775, X skill 7100.

Interestingly on 8th spot, we have mini kaido mace, mini kaido mace is rare. His seller spawns in an hour and despawns in 15 mins and it costs 500k beli. Mini kaido mace hit damage is good but other skills damage does not meet the expectations, all attacks are close range and ground attacks.

Mini kaido mace damage, HIT 4501, Z skill 3275, X SKILL 3775.

On the seventh spot we have bisento, which can be bought at alabasta/ sand island for 150,000 beli.

The bisento attacks are mid to close range and have good damage. HIT- 3001, Z SKILL – 4025, X SKILL- 4525

On the sixth spot we have a pipe, it is really stronger than kaido mace and bisento. The damage of the pipe is better than mace and bisento. The pipe can be bought at sabaody archipelago known as bubble island for 250,000 beli. (it is very good for grinding).

The pipe attack damage is: HIT – 2751, Z skill -16025, X skill total damage is 12900 but chance of hitting all 4 hits not possible only 1-2 possible so average damage is 6450.

On the 5th spot we have triple katana. The triple katana can be bought from an NPC at a rocky island near pirate island and marineford for 1,500,000 beli.

The reason triple katana is in fifth spot is because it is the last sword which is easy to get and the best sword among the rest of them.

Triple katana damage Hit – 3001, Z SKILL -3520, X SKILL – 15075.

On 4th spot we have shanks saber, shanks saber is a drop. You can get it by defeating shanks, there is a 25 percent drop rate for shanks saber.

Shanks saber is also difficult to get because shanks spawn in 3 hours. Shanks sword damage, HIT -2251, Z skill – 6275, X SKILL – 18900

In 3rd spot we have the MOM blade known as big mom sword, this is the currently rarest sword in the game. This sword is a drop and you can get it by defeating oars, the drop rate of big mom sword is 1 percent.Big mom sword damage, HIT- 4251, Z skill 13560, X skill – 8775

On the second spot, it was a tough competition but “YORU” is on the second spot. YORU and XMAS blade skill type are same but the thing that matters is damage.

YORU is known as night blade in king legacy is a gamepass that costs 1,000 robux!

YORU damage: HIT- 4376. Z SKILL – 16560, X SKILL – 7525

The strongest sword in the King Legacy game is XMAS blade. It is only obtainable by 2020 christmas after that and impossible to get after that. XMAS blade is free but hard to get, you can get it by defeating santa. Santa spawn on the same island where shanks spawn, it has 20 percent chance to replace shanks boss, and has a 25 percent drop rate. XMAS Blade damage, HIT – 4501, Z SKILL – 13560, X SKILL – 12525.

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