Weapons Expert Challenge – Kill 9 enemies from behind using the bow – RDR2

Its prerequisite is complete to “Paying a Social Call” (Chapter 21); the rewards are 150 health XP and $20. This guide will let you know how to complete this challenge in Red Dead Redemption 2.  


You will need to kill nine unaware enemies from behind using the bow. 

Reach the gang hideout at Six Point Cabin from the east.

Locate the enemy between the campfire and the wagon. You have to kill him with a normal or improved arrow using the Dead Eye to mark his head.

After killing him, move away from the camp until the red dots on the minimap disappear.

That means the enemies stopped chasing you and that the hideout has been reset.

You will need to go back to the hideout and locate the same enemy as before. Will him flee and repeat these steps until you complete the challenge.

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