God Of War: Freya is a Goddess (Story)

Here we find out that Freya is a goddess, who was once the leader of the Vanir gods.

Soon after God's name, Kratos stops believing in Freya and leaves.

On the way, Kratos asks Mimir about Baldur's weakness, then Mimir tells that the Baldur cannot take any kind of physical or magical damage.

Minir knows the language of the world serpent, he talks to the world serpent in his language and after waking up for so many years, the first thing he eats is the statue of Thor, because the serpent and Thor have a known enmity with each other.

Serpent tells us to activate Jotunheimen's bridge we need two things, rune and magical chisel.

And here we need is chisel so that we can carve the rune on the bridge.

On the way, Atreus asks Mimir why Freya spat on his face, he then tells that aesir god and Vanir gods had fought many wars in the past.

Mimir forced Odin to marry Freya so that can bring peace in both realms.

After the marriage there was peace for some time and Odin after gaining Freya's trust learned some Vanir magic.

Kratos ask Minir what is this Chisel, he then tells a big-sized giant named Thamor was the world's best stonemason, which Thor killed but when the giant fell he took down the Banir gods temple with him.

Odin and Thor are not friends with the giant even tho they don't have anything to do with them and giants were not on any side of the war but still on the order of Odin, Thor killed almost all the Giants.

Mimir tells that the people who were with Baldur were Magni and Modi.

Both of them accidentally come in front of us while looking for us and both want us to die but Kratos kills the Magni and Modi runs away.

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