God Of War Story Breakdown

In God of War, the father and son duo Kratos and Atreus left their forest home to spread Faye’s ashes. This marks the beginning of the “Path to the Mountain” journey quest, in this guide, we will be explaining all the important points in form of web stories.

Table of Contents

    God Of War: The Stranger

    God Of War: Journey To The Mountain

    God Of War: Lake of Nine

    God Of War: Alfheim Realm

    God Of War: Midgard with the Light of Alfheim

    God Of War: Freya is a Goddess

    God Of War: Atreus Gets Sick

    God Of War: Heart of Helheim’s Bridgekeeper

    God Of War: Odin’s Hidden Chamber

    God Of War: Last Test Of Tyr

    God Of War: Baldur Escapes the magic

    God Of War: Head Back to Jotunheimz

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