God Of War: Odin's Hidden Chamber (Story)

Next in Helheim we reach Odin's hidden chamber.

We see that missing frame here about the tyr, After Kratos told Mimir sees that frame and the hidden panel appears.

On the panel there is a plan about the key which Mimir understands and we find our last hope to get to Jotunheimen.

When asked by Kratos how to make this, Mimir points to Brock and Sindri.

Why doesn't Mimir know about Baldur's weakness because Freya has cast a spell on Mimir.

They make keys for Kratos and Atreus.

This is what we get to see the new rune that is exactly where Jotunheim Tower should be under the Tree of Light.

But in order to reach it, Kratos and Atreus see the symbol Downside in the Hall of Tyr.

Kratos rotates the middle part of the temple from top to bottom, later it is found that the temple was made to be upside down.

This is where we get the Mysterious Rune which is actually a Unity Stone.

He explains to Kratos this stone is going to use in realms between realms.

Kratos uses this inside the realm with the key of Yggdrasil given by Brock. Which is useful as a shortcut to pass one person to another place, which is a realm between a realm. Kratos and Atreus jump through this realm Unity Stone does its job and we get Jotunheim Tower.

After the Unity Stone is placed in the tower, the tower itself reaches Midgard to Tyr's Temple.

It is in the same position where Joutunheim Tower was missing.

But still the journey to Jotunheim can't be completed because the travel rune of this realm is something else.

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