God Of War: Journey To The Mountain (Story)

On the way, Kratos and Atreus meet a small man named Brok, who is called Dwarf.

Who asks about the Leviathan axe that Kratos has.

And this axe belonged to Kratos wife Faye.

But now Kratos use this axe and this axe is made by brok.

And this leads to Atreus and Brok's friendship as well.

And now after killing further monsters, Kratos takes the hunting test of Atreus again.

Here Atreus inadvertently hit one magical boar with his arrow.

This boar is from Midgard which belongs to the sorceress, where Kartos lives. This magician tells us to help the pig.

This sorceress knows what is the past of Kratos and Kratos is a God.

And in exchange for the help of the pig, she also makes our tattoos. So that we can look like Midgard's people.

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