God Of War: Head Back to Jotunheim (Story)

Now Kratos and Atreus, One Last Time Let's Head Back to Jotunheim.

This time they successfully open the gate of Joutunheim and Mimir tells them to drop him inside the temple.

On the way, Kratos also removes his bandages from his wrists, which he held captive to hide the traces of his chains from Atreus.

Now Kartos tells Atreus that he has nothing to hide from him anymore. After saying this, Kartos hands Atreus to hold the ashes of his mother.

Which he wanted to catch on the whole road because now Kratos understands that Atreus is capable of this and Kratos and Atreus go to Joutunheim.

Here they come to know that all the resting giants who were here are dead and here is the building and carving of all the accidents.

In the same way, when Atreus is touched by the wall, his entire journey comes to the fore on the wall, and here Atreus also sees his mother Faye.

Faye was also a giant, she already knew this had to happen and it's already predicted that Kratos and Atreus will kill Baldur.

So that means that Faye also had future wishes and she knew that all this has to happen, that's why she asked for a wish.

Seeing this, Atreus also understands that he is also a giant and is a god, and Kratos also now realizes that Faye was a giant.

Atreus goes to the top of the hill, Kratos finds a mural hidden under a sheet, which looks like Kratos is dead and something like a snake is going from Atreus's mouth to Kratos's mouth but Kratos doesn't pay much attention to it and walks towards the hill again.

Similarly, both fulfill Faye's last wish and it is at this point that Atreus tells that his name is wrongly written on the mural. Loki is written on this carving and on saying this, Kratos tells him that Faye wanted to name him Loki but it was Kratos who named him Atreus.

This is the whole story of God of War 2018 but there is also a hidden ending.

If you did all the missions and went back to Kratos's house Midgard.

So this is the dream of Atreus that after years Thor is at their door, and when both of them wake up, Atreus tells that this dream was too real.

And with this the story ends.