God Of War: Last Test Of Tyr (Story)

Mimir tells this to be the last test of the Tyr and on seeing the reflection of the light, Mimir understands that tyr will be using its magic eyes to reflect the light back to the gate, which is Tyr's last fail-safe.

Hearing this, Atreus tells Mimir that you too have the same eyes but Mimir has only one eye.

Mimir tells that Odin had taken his other eye long ago so that he could not travel like this.

And no one knows where Odin has hidden that eye, but Mimir thinks that maybe Brok and Sindri know about his eye.

On asking Brok and Sindri, it is revealed that they put the eye in Thor's statue, which the World Serpent already swallows.

On this, Mimir talks to the Serpent again and the Serpent allows all three to go inside his mouth and see the broken items of that statue.

Kratos and Crew go inside the Serpent's mouth and Luckily they find that eye.

But this is where Baldur attacks the Serpent so that he kills everyone inside the Serpent's stomach but the Serpent throws both out.

This is where Freya also comes to look for her son, Baldur also meets Freya again and still wants to kill her.

But Kratos stops him there, Kratos and Baldur start fighting again and Freya uses her Vanir magic to stop the two from fighting.

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