God Of War: Midgard With The Light of Alfheim (Story)

Now Kratos reaches Midgard again with the Light of Alfheim.

From Midgard he goes back to the same mountain and with this light now he can easily cross Black Breath.

We were crossing the Black Breath to reach the top when we saw a dragon on the way that attacked Sindri.

Atreus tells Kratos to save him and after killing that dragon, Sindri gives Braided Miscletoe Arrows to Atreus.

Which Sindri tells is very powerful and Atreus's bow may also deliver the power of shockwaves.

On the way ahead, due to the breaking of the bow holderĀ (strap) of Atreus, Kratos ties the tip of the mistletoe arrow to its strap.

Now finally we reach the top, here we see the same stranger again and here we come to know that his name is Baldur. They are Odin's son and Thor's brother and with him, he also has two nephews who are Thor's two sons.

Here these people have imprisoned Mimir at the behest of Odin, so Mimir is one of the smartest people in the world. Who knows every language and every war in the world.

And while talking to him, Atreus tells him that we have come here to spread our mother's bones from the highest peak of all the Realms.

Mimir's one eye is magical and he shows them the last bridge of Jotunheim, which is there at the top. To activate this bridge, We Need a Magical Chisel and a Secret Rune.

Mimir tells that the world serpent should know the location of this rune and Mimir tells us to take him along.

But Odin the Greatest God of Norse Mythology, has magically imprisoned Mimir's body. So that no magic spell can free him from those branches.

Mimir says that Kratos should cut off his head, take him to someone who can revive his head with old magic. Kratos cuts his head and takes it to Freya.

Freya burns Atreus's Green Arrows, say these are cursed arrows and in return, she gives her own arrows.

Now Freya revives Mimir and spits on him as soon as he is alive because she already knew Mimir.

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