God Of War: Heart of Helheim's Bridge keeper (Story)

Freya tells us that she needs the heart of Helheim's bridgekeeper to heal Atreus.

So this is the hell of this mythology and Freya tells that place is so cold, no magic can light a fire there.

And Kratos Axe will also not work there and with this Freya give Helheim ruin to Kratos.

Kratos goes back to his home to pick a blade of chaos and memories of Athena on the road to haunt Kratos again.

But Kratos arrives at Helheim to save his son.

There he kills the bridgekeeper and takes his heart.

Here we also see Zeus but luckily time runs very slow in this realm.

Dwaft name Brok improves our blade of chaos for future help.

Here Kratos takes the heart and brings it back to Freya.

Freya convinces Karatos that he should now tell him the truth about Atreus, Freya tells us she has a son too who will die needly according to the prophecy.

Freya heals Atreus completely and after recovering, Kratos tells Atreus that he is a God.

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