How to Make a Fire Spellsworld Build in Skyrim - Part 2

Go to work.

Time for the big leagues.

Sell off loot before you head out again.

Find the first word of the fire breath shout.

Head to Falkreath.

To the Jarl's longhouse.

Take care of it.

Buy the land.

Ride to the markarth.

Up to the keep.

Chat with calcelmo.

Take out Nimhe.

Collect all the dwemer metal on the way out.

Head to riften.

And into Mistveil keep.

Take the scaly pholiota from the alchemist room.

And another cart to windhelm.

Head south along the road.

And pick 3 creep clusters.

Build the house and add a garden.

Plant 5 mora tapinella , 3 scaly pholiota and 3 creep cluster.

Head back to Markarth and up to the museum.

Raid the dwemer metal.

Will take a couple of trips to grab it all.

Turn them into ingots to fast travel back home.

Store them in the chest and head inside.

Wait 3 days inside.

This will be long enough for crops to regrow in the garden.

Creep cluster can be a pain to harvest in Skyrim special edition.