How to Make a Fire Spellsworld Build in Skyrim - Part 3

Try looking just above the plant to harvest.

Every 10 days head back to markarth and loot the metal by calcelmo.

And inside the excavation site.

Repeat this process until you have a decent amount of the items.

Switch your standing stone for 20% more XP.

And take a sleep at an Inn for another 10%.

Combine more tapinella, scaly pholiota and creep cluster.

Speedrun to 60 alchemy.

Get a ride to solstheim from the windhelm docks.

Enter the temple.

Use the shrine of Mephala for 10% better prices.

Sell potions to fethis.

Save attack reload save to reset gold.

Wait for all the cash, visit glover.

Buy a weapon enchanted with either turn undead or absorb health.

Buy materials for 100 iron daggers.

Make them into daggers.

Head up to Farengar or calcelmo.

Purchase lesser or petty soul gems.

Enchant the daggers with either turn undead or absorb health.

Then over to solitude.

And radiant raiment.

Buy items enchanted with smithing and alchemy.

And items to enchant.

Create some enchanting potions.

And use them to enchant some alchemy gear.

Speedrun 100 alchemy.

Join the college of winterhold.

Begin buying destruction training from Faralda.