How to Make a Flame Knight Build in Fallout 4 - Part 1

Now, get off the porch.

Oh, that ain’t good.

Well, that didn’t last long.

Grab the baton.

Pick up the empty bottles in the vault and fill them at a sink for purified water.

Part 1: Wasteland Economy - loot the area around the vault.

And make sure to pick up any hub flower you see in the world.

Clear out sanctuary.

Be sure to pick up a Bloat fly gland.

Grognak magazine inside the old family home.

And use the special book on charisma.

Then scrap sanctuary.

Don’t scrap the workbenches - move them to a central location.

Throw up a water fountain for easy purified water

And a bench press for gains

Put down a footlocker as well to store AID items.

At level 2, pick up science.

Make industrial water purifiers.

And power them with Medium Generators.

Hopefully, you found an item with +2 CHR while scrapping - take it out.

Gains = +1 STR.

Adventure begins.

Tire iron.

What is dogmeat doing up there?

What a massacre.

Scrap red rocket.

Take everything from the workbench.

And much it back to the sanctuary.

Use the resources to make more water purifiers.