How to Make a Flame Knight Build in Fallout 4 - Part 2

Head to the mole rat den just below the red rocket.

Loot everything.

Make sure to get the black-rim glasses and the Fusion core.

Then head into Concord.

Loot all the weapons from the raiders.

Off to the speakeasy.

X-cell upstairs.

Machete and day tripper in the bathroom.

Back at the sanctuary with the scrapper perk, break down the weapons.

Breaking down the weapons will net you more screws for more water purifiers.

The miracles of capitalism.

Head to wicked shipping.

Dirty Ferals.

Loot the place.

Inside the office is another grognak.

Over to sunshine tidings.

More stinkin’ ferals double meat mag.

Then, just down the hill to Walden pond.

Make sure to grab the bottle of whiskey from the gift shop.

Into the pipe.

Better prices.

Don’t be afraid of the jet.

Loot up.

Then back home to drop it all off.

You should have a bunch of water in the workbench by now.

Make sure to move it to the footlocker.

Break down weapons for screws/steel.

More water.

Use the whiskey to make grape mentats.