How to Make a Flame Knight Build in Fallout 4 - Part 3

And use some steel for poisoned caltrops (money/XP).

Take out charisma gear (black-rim glasses and CHR clothes from sanctuary).

Meet up with Carla.

So beautiful.

Pop a grape.

Buy any carrots, Corn, Tarberry, Whiskey, and Dirty Wastelanders.

Also buy shipments of steel, screws, oil, and copper.

Pay with caltrops.

To the diner.

With the grape and charisma gear, you won't fail a speech check.

Buy General Chaos’ Revenge from Trudy.

Also check for Carrots, Corn, tarberry, whiskey, and dirty wastelands.

And another steel shipment for good measure.

You should have a fair bit of ammo to sell off as well.

Off to gaygarden.

Speak to Greene.

The grape should still be active.

Pick all the mutfruit, tato, and corn.

Head to the super duper mart in Lexington.

The magazine in the back corner will give better prices.

Then, just across the street, loot the bank.

Rolling' in cash.

Then to mystic pines.

Even better prices.

On the way back to sanctuary, stop by starlight drive-in

For a fusion core.

Collect radstag meat when you can.

Finally, stop by Abernathy farm for a bunch of tatoes.

Drop the radstag meat off in a safe location.