How to Make a Flame Knight Build in Fallout 4 - Part 4

Even more water.

Plant, carrots, corn mutfruit, and tatoes.

Then off to the robotics disposal ground.

Fusion core.

Flame on.

Make the sentry bot go boom.

More cores.

Drop everything back home.

And grab out the bloatfly gland from earlier.

Off to the Boston public library.

Damn mutants.

Watch for the feral’s hanging out outside the library.

You can’t fail the speech check to get in.

The mayor is a halfwit.

Didn’t die to these traps.

Loot the weapons of the muties

And throw them all in the cabinet by the door.

Loot the rest of the place until it’s attacked.

Throw nades to get some extra XP.

Once you run out of nades, grab the intelligence bobblehead.

After the muties have been dealt with, grab their weapons.

Make sure to pick up the stuff stored earlier as well.

March them over to the diamond city.

Drink if you start taking too much damage.

Oh god, not her.

Scrap all those guns.

And use the steel for caltrops.

Pop a grape.

Buy any steel shipments.