How to Make a Flame Knight Build in Fallout 4 - Part 5

Then off to the science center.

Get your persuade on.

Handover the bloat fly gland for some easy caps and XP.

While the grape is active, go around and persuade the locals to XP.

An interview with piper for even more.

Turn all that steel into even more caltrops.

And use the profits to buy fusion cores.

Head to the pub.

You know what to do.

Edwards should be lurking around here somewhere.

Agree to help.

Home sweet home.

Environmental catastrophe over here.

Plant more veggies to make up for it.

Throw up a decontamination arch.

Cleanse those rads.

Back to rescue Preston.

Superhero landing.

Cheat on the deathclaw.

Down the hole.

Looks like crabs are back on the menu boys.

Grab another fusion core.

Repair the power armor.

And upgrade it to Model D.

More free XP.

Deck out a sanctuary for Sturges (did anybody else not know he is a snyth?).

Put up a radio beacon to recruit more farmers.

Then over to tenpines bluff for a minuteman mission.

Assault corvega.