How to Make a Flame Knight Build in Fallout 4 - Part 6

What a slaughter.

Climb to the very top for the repair bobblehead.

Drop everything back off at home.

Then off to vault 81.

Drop a grape.

Easy peasy.

Sell some blood.

And visit the classroom.

Where are you going?.

Another Grognak.

Stop by diamond city for more fusion cores.

Then on to the Colonial Tap house.

Love a good pub fight (reminds me of home).

More whiskey!

Catch up to paul.

Agree to help.

Bit of light persuasion.

Naughty boy.

Hack and slash.

Nelson has a decent amount of caps on him.

The motherland.

Make bufftats.


Psycho jet.

And overdrive.

Also use your grown veggies to make vegetable starch (adhesive farm).

Make your way to saugus iron works.

Drop bufftats, A Dirty Wastelander (if you have it), Psychobuff, and Overdrive.

Unleash hell.