How to Make a Flame Knight Build in Fallout 4 - Part 7

Before going inside the blast furnace.

Drop another grape and an X-cell.

Pass the speech check.

Grab the shishkebab.

Follow the marker to the farm for some easy XP and caps.

The damage on the shishkebab is pretty bad.

Going to have to work some magic to fix it.

Use the radstag meat from earlier to make some Yao Guai Cages.

Make sure they have separate power sources.

When you are out and about, start using berry mentats for extra XP.

Nap until you catch some Yao Guai.

The Yao Guai in the cage can spawn any level.

The higher-level ones are pretty tough.

They can be kited pretty easily though.

Having Yao Guai Cages will also increase the likelihood they attack a settlement.

Make Yao Guai Roasts with the meat a carrot and tato.

+10 melee damage, aye?

Seems a bit better than that!.

Let’s test it out.

Head to mass-like interchange.

Up the elevator.

On the commander’s loo - another Grognak.

Head over to swan’s pond for another.

Then mass fusion.

Right to the tippity top.

The strength bobblehead sitting on the ledge.

We are not done yet - next up is trinity tower.

Seems legit.

Melee bobblehead.