How to Make a Flame Knight Build in Fallout 4 - Part 8

Head to Cabot house to start the special delivery quest.

Simple fetch quest.

No serum here, Voldemort.

The next quest is simple as well.

Is that right?

Now look at all this collateral.

Just continue with the questline.

Lefty has a bunch of Mysterious Serum.

Even more on the desk.

Release Lorenzo.

Lorenzo will provide unlimited vials once you have used your current supply.

Once you reach level 28, go to 35 court.

The location is unmarked on the map.

Up top are a sentry bot and assaultron.

Push both the buttons.

A full set of XO- 1 power armor.

Upgrade the X0 -1 to Mk. V.

And trick it out with upgrades.

A walking colossus.