How to Make a Legendary Survival Illusion Assassin Build in Skyrim - Part 1

Race: Orc.

Give that Axe a few swings.

Make sure you get the key before Ralof.

Pick up all the light armor as you make your way through Helgen.

You know what to do.

Cause this is a survival build, check all the sacks for veggies..

Make your way through Helgen as normal.

Stop once you reach the bear.

Put your first perk point into the stealth.

Get out of that armor and sneak behind Ralof.

Sneak attack to power level.

Stop at 70 if you want.

Otherwise, you can be an alpha and go straight to 100.

Points into Magicka until 300. After that, turn all points into Health.

Broken perks before even starting Survival.

After exiting the tunnel, activate Survival.

Survival mode will reduce your carry weight sufficiently.

You will have to drop any heavy armor you were carrying.

Stop by the Riverwood Talos Shrine for some free enchanted gear.

And the flawless emerald by Anises’ place for some early gold.

Cross back over the river and pick up the Mage stone.

Run down the hill and grab the fishing rod.

Catch a fish.

Bounce the Riverwood.

Search all the barrels for tomatoes.

Pick up the free supplies from Gerdur.

Then the nearby axe.

Chop wood.

Sell it to Hod for cash.