How to Make a Legendary Survival Illusion Assassin Build in Skyrim - Part 2

Buy a corundum Ingot and some Leather from Alvor.

Make a mage backpack for extra carry weight and Magicka.

Hit the garden.

Then cross the river.

Destroy the mud crab.

And take the child.

Hit the road north.

Stop by the farms as you make the journey to Whiterun.

More barrels.

Join the companions (hunger will make your screen blurry).

Give Vilkas the rod.

Free bed to sleep in.

Take all the food inside Jorrvaskr.

There is also a heap of gold to take.

Tomatoes are the most important vegetable.

Give gold to a beggar.

Then help out Carlotta.

She will let you take veggies after.

Sell off your armor (make sure to keep at least 1 set of imperial for yourself).

Up to visit Jarl Ballin.

Then raid his kitchen.

Make vegetable soup (these will be your best source of food for the whole game).

Buy muffle from Farengar.

Head back to Jorravskr and cast Muffle - sleep to regain Magicka.

Don’t worry about hunger you can’t die from it.

It will rapidly level the illusion.

Head to the drunken huntsman.

On the counter, find the battle of champions.

Then cart to solitude.