How to Make a Legendary Survival Illusion Assassin Build in Skyrim - Part 3

Grab the talos amulet for later.

Then up to castle dour.

Talk to the legate.

As long as you have imperial armor equipped, you don’t need to pass a speech check.

This armor is ridiculously valuable.

You can also steal some cooked beef from the soldier's mess downstairs.

Sell the armor for gold.

Make the trek to winter hold.

Join up with the filthy mages.

Find Drevis in the hell of countenance.

Invest into invisibility, pacify, and calm.

Also, grab Fenriks’s welcome if you have the gold for lockpicking.

Go up to the Arcanaeum and read Soran’s journal.

Then begin the marathon to Windhelm.

Calm/ pacify any enemies on the way.

Stop by journeyman’s Nook - just to the left of the road.

Free Elven dagger.

Finally reach Windhelm.

Grab the cart to Riften.

And follow the quest marker to the Unicorn.

Fastest and strongest mount in the game.

Go to Honorhall orphanage in Riften.

Head back to Windhelm and visit Aventus Aretino.

Go to sleep.

Cast clam.

Then use berserker rage to backstab Astrid.

Then repeat.


Blade of Woe and backstab gloves.