How to Make a Legendary Survival Illusion Assassin Build in Skyrim - Part 4

Sorry, no prisoners.

Find Viriya at the Riften Docks to start the fishing quests.

Hand over the Juvenile mud crab from earlier.

Next quest requires a glassfish; these can be fished up just behind Viriya.

Follow the markers.

Ring of surroundings for 20% better sneaking.

Go to the Riften Graveyard.

The thief will drop a note, and the quest for the gray cowl of nocturnal will start.

Relatively simple quest steps.

Before going further, find the Khajiit outside Whiterun or Markarth and get the quest.

Then continue with the gray cowl of nocturnal.

The dungeon is simple enough.

Use Fenrik’s welcome to open the chest (if you don’t have it save and use lockpicks).

The ancestral sword will be inside.

Then head to the nearby dark seducer camp as part of the restoring order quest.

After taking out the bandits, you can find dark seducer boots and armor at the camp.

Finish the gray cowl of nocturnal.

The gray cowl is pretty OP, especially in survival due to the carry weight.

Just don’t forget to take it off inside towns.

Go to Dawnstar.

Head to Silus Vesuius’ place.

Let’s test that theory.

Before you head off, do yourself a favor and make some camping supplies.

Then, once you are up the mountain, whip it out to warm up.

Don’t even think twice about it.

Begin the main quest so the dragons will spawn.

Once you have killed the first dragon, head to the palace of kings in Windhelm.

Join the storm cloaks.

Off to korvanjund.

Brother from another mother.

Find the first word of slow time.

Second word is inside hag’s end, which you can reach through deep wood redoubt.

Hunt dragons for 2 souls.

Finally, use the unicorn to level up one-handed to 70.

Dual savagery will add a lot of damage to dual-wielding sneak attacks.