How to Make a One-Handed Build in Skyrim - Part 1

Race :Orc.

What a specimen.

It doesn't look good.

Time to meet the end.

Saved by the bell.

Imma get the hell out of here.

Into the keep with Ralof.

Imperial gear has a higher value.

Let Ralof tank them.

Grab the high-value gear for selling.

Slap him around until 40 one-handed.

Escape with the lads.

Like if you cry every time.

1 v 1 a bear.

Free at last.

Off you go.

Cull the local wolf population.

Dead Thalmor for free enchanted gear.

Head towards Anise's cabin.

Just below is a flawless emerald $$$.

Activate the warrior's stone.

Over to Riverwood.

Search the barrels for tomatoes.

Dob on Sven.

Sell your heavy stuff.

Take all Faendal's Possessions.

Take Gerdur's as well.

Raid their Houses.

Sell the confiscated goods.