How to Make a One-Handed Build in Skyrim - Part 2

Veggies, so you grow up big and strong.

Onward to Whiterun.

Oh lord, this guy is going to get it.

Give 1 gold to a beggar to boost speech.

There is something fishy about this guy's eyes.

Easy money $$$$$.

And you can take her veggies now.

Oh no, she can't get me, lol.

I am like the bloody gingerbread man.

How can I help milord?

Free armor for sale.

Raid the Jarl's pantry.

Veggie soups are delicious.

Take a cart to Riften.

Head cast towards the broken tower.

Lure the spider to the guards to finish off.

Return to the ruin.

Amulet and blessing of Zenithar = better prices.

Sell the rest of your items with the boosts.

Over to the Riften Orphanage.

Hug Grelod.

Exit Riften and head west until you get to the Orc stronghold.

Climb the rocks to break in.

Orcish armor boi.

Cart to Windhelm.

Visit Sadri's used wares.

Agree to return the ring.

Break in.

More easy money $$$.