How to Make a One-Handed Build in Skyrim - Part 3

Head to the docks and get the boat to Solstheim.

On a boat.

Head south out the gate.

Grave rob.

He will be fine.

Return to Windhelm and visit Mr. Aretino.

After receiving the note, hit the hay.

Choose your target carefully.

Escape and head to the Sanctuary.

Free set of Dark Brotherhood robes on the shelf.

And another set for joining $$$$.

Over to solitude.

Into radiant raiment.

Search for a ring and necklace of wielding.

Quicksave, punch, and reload save to reset shop.

Sell Dark brotherhood items when you need $$.

Over to Markarth.

She needs a hero.

Even more easy money $$$.

Kit up.

Cart a Dawnstar.

Head south to the lord stone.

Get into a scuffle.

Lord stone gives + 50 armor, and +25 magic resist.

Back to Markarth and agree to help the vigilant.

Use the Orc racial power.

Take him out.

Get caged.

Consider it done, fam.

Veggie soups for power attacks.

Take out the forsworn.

Rescue Logrolf.

Oh dear, Logrolf no.

Beat him silly.