How to Make a Two-Handed Build in Skyrim - Part 1

Op two-handed early.

Guess what time it is.


It's all ogre now.

Into the keep with hadvar.

Pick up a greatsword.

Get hadvar to tank.

Just before the bear, smack hadvar around a bit.

Until you get two-handed to 45.

True MVP of Helgen keep.

Slay a bear for your freedom.

Or just run past him.

Don't wait.

Talos shrine to the west, get the Thalmor's items for $$$.

Interacting with locals.

Just below anise's cabin is a flawless emerald.

Quick dip across the pond.

Activate the warrior stone.

And over to riverwood.

Speak to Sven.

Check the barrels around riverwood for tomatoes.

And pick all the vegetables from the garden.

Tell Camilla the truth.

Sell a few heavy items from Helgen while you are at it.

Deliver the good news.

Don't forget his house key.

Take all the items to sell.

Do the same in Alvor's place.

Head out towards Whiterun.