How to Make an OP Shield Bash Build in Skyrim - Part 1

You will need to head into the Keep with Ralof yields more valuable.

Let Ralof do the work until you can find a real weapon.

You have to loot the valuable armor items.

Finally, a real weapon, let's give it a try.

Let Ralof carry your useless ass.

After that, you will need to grab the black briar mead just before the bear.

But don't try to tango with the bear.

Pick up the warrior stone.

And head to the dead Thalmor at the talons shrine.

You have to loot him for some easy money.

Then to Anise's house, and move down the cliff for the flawless emerald.

Down towards Riverwood, you have to collect 50 mora tapinella.

Once in the town, you will need to check barrels for tomatoes.

And take the crops from the garden behind the Giant sleeping inn.

After that, you have to hit the road to Whiterun.

And stop by the meadery.

The mead will sell for a reasonable price.

And you can collect blue butterflies during the day.

You have to continue toward Whiterun, stopping by the farms along the way.

And use the cart at the Whiterun stables to head to Riften.

Just northeast to the unmarked shrine of Zenithar.

After that, lure spiders to the guards, or leave it to the cats if they're in the area.

Now, you need to get back to the shrine for the amulet (will increase buy and selling prices by 10%).

After that, head to Whiterun and give gold to a beggar for the gift of charity buff.

Then, you will need to speak to Carlotta at her stall.

And agreed to help her out.

Afterwards, she'll allow you to take the veggies from the front of her shop.

You have to sell off the items from Helgen with the amulet and gift of charity buff.

After that, you have to head up the dragon's reach.