How to Make an OP Shield Bash Build in Skyrim - Part 2

And visit the Jarl.

There are even more veggies in the kitchen.

Cook up a bunch of vegetable soups.

Afterwards, take the cart to Windhelm.

Head south along the road, collect snowberries and three creep clusters.

From the Windhelm docks, you need to buy passage to Solstheim.

Then move out of the south main gate.

You need to grab the armor from the dead redoran guard.

You have to head east up the hill inside the raven.

Then northwest to an unmarked mining camp.

After that, grab the pickaxe from the miner.

Then mine the emerald and gold ore.

From here, you will need to head west along the rocks to another unmarked set of emeralds.

There is also a chest just slightly down the hill.

Now, you need to offload your haul for some decent cash.

And use the funds to buy a horse.

You have to find a nice quiet area after that.

Shield bashes the horse to level block.

Don't worry, he likes it.

At level 50, you can pick up a deadly bash to do damage.

Then pay a visit to the Jarl of Falkreath.

You have to give him the black-briar mead to get the next quest.

Ride on a horse.

Use vegetable soups so that you don't run out of stamina.

Exhilarating gameplay!

You will need to buy the land after that.

Then head to Mistveil Keep in Riften.

You will need to grab 30 scaly pholiota from the alchemist.

Then build a small house with a garden.