How to Make an OP Shield Bash Build in Skyrim - Part 5

Inside the hall of countenance, find five canis roots.

Then find Colette, and buy fast healing from her.

Then you have to head west from the Whiterun stable out into the plains.

Northwest from Whiterun is a talking stone camp.

You can use the giant to level up the block.

Cast fast healing when you get low on health.

And block til you drop.

Then, you need to unequip the shield and focus on leveling restoration and heavy armor.

If you feel adventurous, you have to challenge all the giants and mammoths in the area.

For 70 restoration and 100 heavy armor.

After that, plant the canis root and juniper berries in the garden.

And wait another 72 hours for them to grow.

You have to make some fortfiy marksman potions.

Fortfiy marksman potions will increase shield bash damage.

After that, head up to bleak falls to begin the main story.

And continue until you get the dragons to spawn.

You have to loot the bones and scales from any defeated dragons to store at home.

And then head over to the Riften orphanage.

You know what to do.

Visit aventus aretino in windhelm.

Then sleep to get kidnapped.

Once inside the dark brotherhood sanctuary, you have to grab the marked for death shout.

Then to autumn watch tower for the second word.

The final word is inside the forsaken cave.

You have to use marks for death to lower the armor rating of targets.

And collect the last word.

After that, head to white ridge barrow on solstheim.

Watch out for the spiders.

This guy shouldn't be an issue.