How to Make an OP Shield Bash Build in Skyrim - Part 6

Into the book now, you have to complete it to unlock seekers (skills are 10 % more efficient).

Afterward, head just southeast of raven rock to Kolbjorn barrow.

And hand over the cash to Ralis.

Then wait 72 hours next to Ralis and fast travel to raven rock to progress.

The next thing you need to do is return to Ralis.

Take them out, and continue following the questline collecting all of Ahzidal's armor as you go.

It's just a piece of cake.

After that, you have to join the downgaurd.

And follow the quest.

Now, as a vampire, the necro mage perk will consider you undead, increasing your stats.

Then, you will need to head to Shimmermist cave.

And collect the falmer helmets.

Collect the following items; you can buy most from radiant raiment.

For dunmer shoes, you need to head to alor house in raven rock during the evening.

You know what to do.

With all the items + Ahzidal armor, you have to head to Severin manor.

Read the black book, and grab the seeker of shadows.

You will need to make a potion of fortify enchanting.

Put on ahzidal's armor to boost your enchanting.

And grab the seeker of sorcery.

Pop the enchanting potion.

Enchant a ring, necklace, falmer, helm, circlet, and gloves with fortify alchemy.

The falmer helm can be placed on the circlet allowing for two head enchantments.

Active effects should look like this.

Repeat this loop until you reach 60% enchanting potions.

Then enchant all the items with smithing and alchemy, including the chest and shoes.

Finally, crafting gear should look like this.

Now, you will need to make your final enchanting potions.

Some smithing potions and more marksman potions for extra damage.