How To Make Stealth Archer Build Early in Skyrim - Part 1

Race: High Elf for +50 Magicka and fury spell.

Actual gameplay.

RiP sweet buttercup.

Watch out behind you bro.

Oh no I tried, Hit the gas.

Into the keep with Ralof.

So much for social distancing.

Bit of magic should do the trick.

Short controlled bursts.

Make sure to get the novice robes.

At last a bow.

Don't forget to grab the high value gear.


Dead Thalmor for free enchanted items.

Head east of anise's cabin.

On the ledge just below is a flawless emerald.

Activate the thief stone.

Onward to Riverwood.

Help out Sven.

Take the letter to Camilla.

Mosey on over to Whiterun.

Cart to Windhelm.

Head south along the river.

Water is the only safe place.

Exit the water at the mill and head to the fort.

Once at fort Amol go around the side.

It's about to get scetchy so be ready.

Run across and sneak before entering.

Cast fury on the right mage.