How To Make Stealth Archer Build Early in Skyrim - Part 2

Then pray and make a break for the bucket.

I was so close.

Close yet so far.

Rest in peace legolas 2020-2020.

Get out the party hats boys.

Bound bow unlocked.

Damage is pretty equal to a daedric bow.

Costs 180 Magica, put first 3 levels in magica.

Back to business.

Head on over to Riften.

Over to the east is a broken towards.

Take out the spider from afar.

Amulet and blessing=10% better prices each.

Back to Riverwood and offload all the trash.

Tell faendal the good news.

Abuse him by training and taking back your gold.

Repeat process until 50 archy.

Head to the Riften orphanage.

Give Grelod the Ol One two.

Over to Windhelm.

And visit ya boy aventus.

While waiting for the note head to Dawnstar.

The bushes near the mine in town.

What is this doing here?

Easy money.

Wait for the courier.

Take a nap.

Who the F**k are you.

Oopsy Daisy.