How To Make Stealth Archer Build Early in Skyrim - Part 3

Alright on it fam.

Triple collateral coming up.


Yeah sure Whatever.

Cart to falkreath and head to the sanctuary.


Shrouded Cowl = 20% more dmg with a bow.

Head over to Markarth.

Interrupt the execution.

You can speak to Margret for a free necklace.

The note begins forsworn conspiracy.

Train sneak in the Warrens with any spare cash.

At this point you can either.

Complete some dark brotherhood mission.

For extra cash or Continue with the Forsworn Conspiracy.

It's a good time to do forsworn conspiracy though.


Pickpocket Thonor's Journal.

Going to have to bribe to get the key.

Most Epic Fistfight ever.


Over to Nepos’s House.

Pickpocket so you don't have to fight his goons.

Into the slammer.

Works toward escaping.

Bound bow works in prison.

Out we get.

Nice gauntlets of the old gods=20% more damage.

Hit him before he exits and he will come back in.