How To Make Stealth Archer Build Early in Skyrim - Part 4

Nice and essay.

Now we don't have to worry about being attacked.

To Solitude.

And head over to Radiant Raiment.

Buy a ring of archery to further boost Dmg.

Quicksave-puch-load save to reset stock.

40 Sneak from the Deadly aim Perk As well.

Back to progressing the dark brotherhood quest.

Hell no.

Was checking out the goods.

Keep Progressing.

Off to a Crypt.

Looks like its over to riften.

Into sewers.

Yeah Nice.

Imma get that boi.

Kill him in a major city for the bonus.

Then jump on the roof and snipe.

EZ, Nice.

Head to Whiterun and speak to Olivia, sound good to me Fam.

Going to need some help for this.

Head to Windhelm and buy a ticket to solstheim.

Over to the Retching Netch.

Hire Teldryn sero.

Assault Deepwood Redoubt.

Into Hag’s end.

Careful of the guys in here they will mess you up.

Test it out.