How to Make Warrior God Of Madness Build in Skyrim (Part 1)

You should know the drill by now.

You will need to give that axe a few swings.

Then use Ralof to level up your one-handed skill.

You have to fight your way out.

And grab some snowberries near the exit.

After that, collect 5-6 Mora Tapinella.

And pick up the warrior stone.

More Mora Tapinella between the stand stones and Riverwood.

The next thing you need to do is bounce to Riverwood.

And raid the garden.

You have to hit up Gerdur for supplies.

After that, grab an axe.

And chop down some firewood.

Buy a pickaxe from Alvor.

You have to mine some stone from behind the Sleeping Giant Inn.

Then you need to hit the road to Whiterun.

And enter into the Drunken Huntsman.

You have to read the battle of champions on the counter.

After that, give gold to a beggar to boost your speech.

And then help Carlotta.

You will need to grab all the veggies.

Then go and visit the companions.

Take two creep clusters downstairs in the living area.

Then you need to head up to see Jarl Ballin.

After that, raid the kitchen.

And make veggie soups.

You will need to get the cart to solitude.

And then make your way to the temple.

You have to pick up the blessing of Zenithar.

And donate to a beggar.