How to Make Warrior God Of Madness Build in Skyrim (Part 5)

You will need to continue this until you reach 90 enchantings.

Then head back to Ravenrock and buy a banish from Glover.

You have to make some more daggers and enchant them with banish for 100 enchantings.

Make another enchanting potion.

And go back to radiant raiment for supplies for crafting gear.

You also have to make sure to pick up the captain's boots (they act as a chest when enchanting).

Enchant some crafting gear with smithing/alchemy.

You are the captain now.

And you will look something like this.

Now, you have to head back to Whiterun and join the companions.

For access to Eorlund (Master smithing training), you need to buy some levels if you can.

Then go back to the farm and grab your metal.

Jumping on the horse will allow you to fast travel over-encumbered.

You have to switch to the warrior stone.

And make Dwarven bows with the metal.

Buy smithing training as you level up.

Once you reach around 84, you have to switch to upgrading the bows.

It won't take long at all to reach 100.

The smash out 100 alchemy with the rest of the ingredients.

You will need to create a heavy armor set of your choice.

You can buy all the materials from the blacksmith.

Also, pick up whatever enchantments you want to add from radiant raiment.

By this point, you will probably need more wax or petals from the Khajiit for potions.

You will need to make a new enchanting potion.

And a smithing potion with gold kanet and either glowing mushroom or blisterwort.

Enchant the armor; you can purchase chaos and absorb health enchantments from Glover in Raven Rock.

After upgrading the armor and weapon with the smithing potion.

Also, enchant a set of alteration gear for training later.

The next thing you will need to do is get a cart to winter hold.

And forage as many snowberries as you can around winter hold.

You have to join the college of winter hold.

Find Colette, and buy the highest healing spell.