How To Make Werewolf Build Early in Skyrim - Part 3

Makes a staff of flame Atronach.

Make as many of each as you can.

To the companions in Whiterun.

Speak to Grandpappy.

Am quite the Specimen.

Punch on with Vilkas.

That wasn't supposed to happen.

Round Two.

Yeah right you big baboon.

Pray you don’t get a brawl.

"little Effort"

All me.

Next Job, No worries Champ.

Over to Dustman's Cairn.

Just sit in the back spam the staves.

Let the big bois do the work.

Grab them Fragments.

Cheeky bugger.

About the time I was part of the gang.

Another one.

Imma get that lass back lads don't worry.

Atronach OP.

Another Happy customer.

Buy me dinner first maybe.

Well escalated quickly.

Test out those new powers.

Especially because we are still level.

Power attack is now a huge Knock back.

Your power is fear, Pretty broken.