How To Make Werewolf Build Early in Skyrim - Part 4

And a running power attack that deals heavy damage.

Make sure to eat everybody.

Focus on getting savage feeding first.

Then go hunting in the plains next to whiterun.

Focus on 4/4 in bestial strength for max damage.

Go to Falkreath and head to the Barracks jail cell.

Take the ring.

Go hunting.

Seems legit.

Spare him.

Hunt the hunters.

Permanent transformations nice.

Finally back to the retching netch.

Ask about any rumors.

Drop on by.

How very interesting.

Please fam.

That a lot.

Enter chop more wood.

Or raid the cat's chest again.

1 speech lvl but will still stay lvl 1 overall.

Berserker rage + Werewolf is overpowered.