Wisp 1 to 10 Locations: Coronet Highlands in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

There are 20 Wisp locations within the Cornona Highlands.

Two of these wisps are hidden in caves. It is best to go into the caves and leave them at the end of your search.

TIP: Wisps are brightest at night, so search for them then.

Wisp #1

If you want to go to the highest point in heavenward lookout, go to the westernmost part of that area.

To get 1st wisp on the precipice of a hill.

Wisp #2

While atop the hill, fly to lonely spring.

Reach the edge of a cliff to find the second wisp.

Wisp #3

From the cliff, go to a place called Clamberclaw Cliffs. Then go to the pond nearby.

The 3rd wisp is located in the middle of the pond.

Wisp #4

You can fly up from this location and head south.

A bird's eye view will help you find the last wisp at the edge of a cliff.

Wisp #5

The 5th wisp is easy to spot. It flutters over a small cliff.

Fly down to grab it with ease!

Wisp #6

While you are at the top of the cliff, you can climb back up to the sonorous path and head west.

Along the way, on your right you will see trees.

Reach the summit to collect the sixth Wisp.

Wisp #7

Climb up the cliffs to reach the nearby waterfalls.

The 7th Wisp is right next to the wild Scyther.

Wisp #8

From the waterfalls, fly to the fabled spring.

There is a wisp right next to a tree at the top of a hill.

Wisp #9

Travel to the southern part of the fabled spring.

The ninth wisp is located on a small cliff after the forest.

Wisp #10

From this point, head towards the summit camp to be closer to other wisp locations.

While you're at camp, go to the sacred plaza.

Go west to the crest of moonview Arena to find the tenth wisp.