What Can You Do in Multiplayer – Dinkum

In this guide, you will find how to & what can you do in Multiplayer – Australian Life Simulator in dinkum. 

The player who wants to host needs to start the game in multiplayer mode. The host will have 3 people visiting his farm and a total of 4 in the game. Now the visiting people need to select their characters with the same license that they have on that character. So the character will work on that specific island even if your friend doesn’t have that license.

Your character will take their inventory with them to other people’s islands and you can take them back to your island. As it is a very good thing that you are visiting your friends, it will help them in getting many things. It will help you in giving and taking.

The things that you cannot do in multiplayer are:

  • Kick and invite players
  • Move building on the island
  • Place building and sell farm animals 

One bad thing about multiplayer is that all players can interact with everything except the things listed before. They can steal all your items like grinders and other sorts of machines.

The host can kick and invite players, as kicking the player means that he can take the inventory with him. 

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