What Does Frost Walker Do In Minecraft

In this guide, you will get to know the Frost Walker enchantment in minecraft. It’s pretty simple and you can enjoy it.

In the minecraft game, the Frost Walker enchantment is actually a Boot enchantment. You can get it from the Treasure enchantment. Find it in the things like chest loot, fishing great drops or trading through villagers. It works in this way that if you walk on to any still water with air above it, it turns the water to frosted ice. The water will freeze in the radius of 2 to the level of enchantment. The maximum level of the enchantment is 2.                   

You will need move continuously, if you don’t the ice will melt. You have to enchant the Frost Walker II boots. 

As you start walking on the water, it freezes. 

When you stop walking on it, it will start melting. It also depends on the light level. At night, it will not melt quickly as in the daylight. This enchantment is incompatible with depth strider.

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