What Does Punch Do: Minecraft Punch Enchantment

In this guide, you will get to know how to enchant Punch II bow and why it is worth getting. You will be able to know the advantage of Punch II bow after this guide.

In the minecraft game, the punch is a bow enchantment. The closest equal enchantment is a knockback. So it knocks back the mob three blocks when you hit him with an arrow. If you are on a level one you can knock it back three blocks. 

The maximum level you can reach with it is two. At level two, it will knock it back six blocks. To craft a bow, you just need three sticks along with three strings.

For enchanting a bow, you need a bow and Punch II enchanted book. Then you will get your Punch II bow.

After this, when you use your Punch II bow, you will see the zombie knock back six blocks. It is useful for a bow. It will give you a time to knock the mob so the mob will not attack you and you can hit them with your another bow. It is really worth getting the Punch II bow

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