What Does Sus Mean In Among Us

In this guide, you will get to know about the SUS mean in Among Us. You have to follow the guide, and you will know about the context in which the players use the “sus” word in the game.

SUS is the short word for Suspicious. When the game is getting intense in the discussion, you can use the word “sus” which makes you type faster in the chat box. It means that the other players might think you are the imposter because you raised a valid doubt by doing something worthy in the game.

You are “sus”, even if you are quiet for a long time or talking too much during the discussion in the game. The traitor may try to pick you up by calling you the “sus”. It’s just an allegation with no actual evidence or witnesses. 

If you see the impostor simulating the task, then you may need to arrange an emergency meeting. Afterwards, during the discussion, the real imposter may turn around and blame you by calling you the “sus”

It might be possible that all the other players might vote for you, and you will be ejected out of the game, yet you are innocent. It leads to manipulation in voting to eject the imposter in the game.

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