What Home Feels Like Quest – Disney Dreamlight Valley

In this guide, you will find out how to do ‘’What home feels like Quest’ in Disney Dreamlight Valley’.

First of all, you wil need a lemon. You can find lemons in the Glade of trust.

Then you need dandelions. The dandelions are found in the plaza, all over the place so just grab them from there.

Then the garlic is found in the force of Valor make sure to look at both sides of the stream.

Now the onions can also be found in the forest of Valor, you just have to buy them from the shop. So upgrade the shop a few times if they’re not there. 

To get the empty vial, you have to craft it and for that, you’ll need glass. You’ll need to find sand and coal for glass. After making three pieces of glass, you can make an empty vial.

Now you need to try and find that glittering Herring. You need to fish on a rainy day and that can be challenging to get a rainy day. Try to fish near the red bubbles.

Now you just need some wheat and some butter, you can get some butter from Remy’s place.

To get some wheat, you need to grow wheat and it also can be bought at the stall in a peaceful meadow from Goofy.

You need to make sure to put the wheat in your inventory before you make this fish pie. Probably if it’s not in your inventory, it won’t trigger the next part of the quest where it says in the left-hand corner, cook a fish pie.

After that, cook the pie according to the recipe and give it to Elsa.

Now you need to dig a secret chest near Elsa’s cave at the spot, as shown in the image below behind this ice Boulder. Then give it to Elsa.

After that, you need to place the purple crust on the cavern wall that you just found.

Then go talk to Elsa and the quest will be completed.

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