What is a Respawn Anchor Used For in Minecraft?

This guide will let you know what respawn anchor is and used for in Minecraft. 

Respawn anchors were added as part of the 1.16 update, and as you may know, a bed resets the player spawns in the overworld.  

And if you try this in the nether, it will result in the bed exploding. 

It is where the respawn anchor comes in; it allows you to set a spawn point in the nether. 

You will need six crying obsidian and three blocks of glow stone to craft one. 

To use it in the nether, you will need five more glow stone blocks to activate it. 

It will consume four of them, and the final block sets it as a respawn point. The respawn point is now set in the nether, and every player death loses a charge. You have to dive into the lava to get dead, and it will consume one charge.

Once four charges have been used, the anchor will need four more charges.

You will spawn in the overworld at your original spawn point if you don’t charge it.  

You will not spawn at a bed because you can only have one respawn point at a time.  

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