What is Platinum Shard and How to Find Them – The Battle Cats

In this guide, you will learn what Platinum Shard is and where you can find it in The Battle Cats.

Platinum Shard is a new item introduced in the v10.6 update. At a glance, it looks like a silly collectible item.

But once you collect 10 of them, they will merge into Platinum Ticket

For F2P players, it’s an excellent opportunity to get free ubers; you can check your collection progress in Rare Gacha –> Platinum Gacha. 

It shows how many Platinum Shards you possess at the moment.

Currently, there are only two ways to get Platinum Shard:

1. Monthly Baron stages 

2. Rolling Gacha 

Monthly Baron stages are the new Baron Dungeon that is implemented on the v10.6 update.

This dungeon featured all representative Monthly Enemies.

The first half features the original Monthly enemy, while the last half plays with the EX version

Unlike the usual Baron Dungeon, Monthly Baron Dungeon has two major differences: 

1. Monthly Baron Dungeon only goes up to Lv10 instead of Lv20. 

2. Monthly Baron Dungeon has restrictions to compensate for their short length.

Each Month will have different restrictions. For Example: 

1. June has restrictions to ban the usage of Rare and Super Rare units.

2. In July, you can’t summon a cat unit that costs more than $4000.

Anyway, Platinum Shard is dropped on Lv5. You don’t need to climb up.

With this pace, you can farm two Platinum Shard every Month and complete 1 Platinum Ticket after five months of playing Monthly Baron Dungeon. 

The second method has you roll on Rare Gacha.

Sometimes, Rare Gacha will hold an event with this text box. 

It says that you will get one free Platinum Shard for every time you do 10+1 rolls.

1 Platinum Shard for 1500 Ketfood or 1 Platinum ticket for 15000 ketfood.

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