What is the Free Fire Guild Tournament

In this guide, you will learn what the Free Fire Guild Tournament is and how to play it. You will learn how to get the rewards. 

Step 1

The first thing you have to do is open the guild and then go to the tournaments option on the left side. You will see four reward boxes there, and if you complete the first box, you will get 500 Glory honor rewards and the supplier map for three days, as shown in the image below.  

If you complete the second box, you will get an 800 Glory honor reward and summon Airdrop for three days; it is unlimited. 

Step 2

When you complete the third box, you will get 1200 Glory in Honor rewards and an unlimited scan placard for one day. 

Step 3

Complete the fourth and last box; then you will get 1800 Glory in Honor Reward as well as one room card.  

Step 4

You have to go to the details to see how many glories you require to reach the next guild level. When you have all of the box’s rewards, then you can easily increase your guild level. 

You will get the tokens under the boxes; you have to claim and then collect them. 

Play one match, and you will get 8 to 9 dog tags; you have to collect 1800 dog tags. When you go to your member list, you will see other players completed the dogs. 

Step 5

When you have completed all of the boxes, then the leader of the guild can claim the rewards by clicking on the Claim button. You will see a notification that states, “guild rewards claimed and sent to mailbox”.

Step 6

After claiming it, you have to go to the mailbox and see all the claim rewards from your guild in the Guild Tournament Rewards. You have to click on the Claim All button to get the rewards.

And you can play the guild tournament every Friday to get more dogs.   

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